Coming soon – Calibration Device SCU100

It’s the end of long ways and high costs! We have developped the complete solution for the Condition Monitoring. With our calibration device SCU 100, the calibration is possible afield in the future. Wait and see!

Do it yourself!

With our calibration device SCU100, you will be able to go without the costly factory calibration. The calibration of your sensors will occur through yourself in the future – for example within the bounds of maintenances. Thus, the whole calibration process takes only some minutes – instead of hours, weeks or even months!

Last but not least!

Because of the compactness of the SCU100 and the enormous speediness of the calibration process, you will be able to carry out the calibration independently in your own company or directly afield by purchasing your „Sensor Calibration Unit 100“. Logistic challenges and high costs belong to the past because you can calibrate your measuring instruments yourself and, therefore, ensure the process runs smoothly all the time.

If necessary, also a direct adjustment (within predetermined parameters) is possible.

Be traceable!

For the calibration of your sensors, the SCU100 is equipped with a completely new process: Instead of usually used suspensions, our new solid-state normals, which have a traceable calibration capacity, are used during the calibration. In this way, we open up the possibility of working with solid-state normals traceable to the international SI units. That is an important move to implement a full condition monitoring for your company.

Always one step ahead of your competitors!

In contrast to the costly proceedings with suspensions which are marked with a lot of unpredictability and which are only feasible in special laboratories or in the producer factory, the new calibration technology with solid-state normals in association with the SCU100 is able to be installed fully operative on site.

For the calibration of your sensors, the SCU100 is equipped with compact calibration normals that represent the connecting link between calibration device and specimen with a sturdy interface.

This way, you save time and money because both delays caused by costly worldwide logistics and high costs for highly qualified and specialized personnel are dropped.

Furthermore, the calibration intervals are prolonged because you are able to check the state of your measuring instruments easily and at zero extra cost for external calibration.

This is how you attain maximum flexibility – and maximum performance!