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CMS – Condition Monitoring Systems

Increased availability and lower costs – How can it be?

ELMETRIC is a specialist for sensor technology, data transfer and analysis focused on measurements and analysis of industrial fluids. ELMETRIC sensors are used in machinery, hydraulics, chemistry, food and many other application areas.

ELMETRIC has been founded in 2009 and develops, produces and sells sensors and systems for contamination acquisition and recognition in fluids.

The proofing of purity of working fluids, as it is required for successful operation of machines and plants, will become more and more important in the future. Growing demands in economic efficiency and quality in the MRO field and particularly in the design of new machines and facilities require new solutions. The reliability and working life depend on the cleanness of working fluids, lubricants and fuels. Clean fluids help to reduce operating and maintenance costs while they prevent early failures or degradation of the working life of components such as pumps, valves or cylinders.

Real time monitoring

The traditional samplings and the following laboratory analysis are complicated methods, time-consuming and impractical. The use of sensors available on the market with which a permanent monitoring would be possible by installation in any machine or plant is not feasible in many cases because of space requirement, high fluid technical and electronic expenditure and, last but not least, because of the price.

The vision

ELMETRIC's aim is it to provide compact, affordable and easy to integrate solutions in cleanness monitoring of the condition of working fluids to our clients – everything “online”.Thus, the maintenance intervals expand (e.g. if the capacity of the filters is not achieved yet). This helps to recognize an upcoming problem before it becomes apparent (e.g. introduction of contamination as a result of seal damage). In addition to higher machine availability by using ELMETRIC's solutions, it will be possible for the responsible operator to prevent an incalculable fail by the early initiation of appropriate measures. In this way, our customer is enabled to avoid expensive losses while increasing safety and still achieving longer run times between maintenances. Our first products are miniaturized particle sensors for the monitoring of fluids in hydraulic equipment and machinery.